about Dexter Dub (I.R.S. One)

Style: Reggae-Drum n Bass and Ragga Jungle
Started: started djing 1997
Birthday: 1977
Outta: Cologne, Germoney
Crew: Thermos-HiFi Soundsytem (based in Neuss/Germany)
Parties: Massive Mashup Partyseries, which is about to start in September 2006 in Cologne
Email: mail

Born in 1977 and raised in Cologne, music has always been my passion. Early I came in contact with music and learned to play two instruments. When I was a small boy, I learned to play the e-organ and later the guitar. .During that time I was member in two bands. It was a good time and taught me a lot, but that wasn’t really my thing. I wanted to have control over all the instruments

About 1996 I discovered round black discs called vinyl and the addiction began. After the first, the second record player came quick, a mixer and the first records from the flea market too. It didn’t take too long and all my spare time was dedicated to mixing, pitching, cutting, scratching and juggling. Soon I wanted to present the things I had learned, and played together with DJ T2B aka Tom Select at the Intensivstation in Cologne. We mixed reaggae, dub, hip hop and jungle. After the Intensivstation was closed, I joined with DJ Rich and we started a new series at the Station Bar/Cologne. It was named “Querbeat – From dub to bass”. In a loungy atmosphere we played electro, reaggae, dub, dancehall, hip hop, rare groove und jungle.

I was co-founder of the hip-hop project “Phat’n’Fresh”, that was founded in 1999.We had our homebase in Cologne Nippes and organised workshops in all four elements of hip-hop: DJ-ing, MC-ing, breakdance and graffiti. Apart from the workshops we organised regular partys to feature local guests or friends and the kids/youth from the workshops. I gave the DJ-lessons and was member of the DJ/Turntablism-Crew K.A.O.T.S. (Kreative Arms On TechnicS).

Acts that were member of the project got featured at numerous events. Among others as warm up for “Fettes Brot” at “Beats against rascism” at the Live Music Hall, a b-boy show at the “Punica Jam Session” in 2000 at the Eisstadion (we did the aftershowparty at the “Underground” together with Tony Touch), the “Sharkattack”-festival at the ACR-Hallen, a big jam at the Dome Sports Skatehalle with different artists from the Zulu-Nation and a jam with MC Clueso. We were always on the road and had gigs for example in Düsseldorf (I played at the Freestyle-Sessions at the Icklack Halle), Kassel,Waldbröl, Krefeld, Neuss or Halle. During that period I relesed 4 DJ-Mixtapes: Kickin Cologne Volume 1 und 2, Watch Dis und Cologne At Night.

In 2002 the “Geschlossene Gesellschaft”-crew was founded by Harry Kane and me. We had been working together before and decided to change our name. Before we changed our name, we called ourselves “Shadow Birds” and had released an e.p. with the name “Moods”.

The beats, scratches, all the things concerning recording and mastering for the “Geschlossene Gesellschaft” were my job. Harry Kane wrote and voiced the lyrics. While working on the first album “Innerer Krieg für ewigen Frieden” we got to know the rapper Mischura.He became a member of the crew, but it was only possible to place one feature-track on “Innerer Krieg für ewigen Frieden”.

The album was released end of 2003.
Then I changed back to more electroncal music. I played 2003/04 on a regular basis at the Bassblüten sessions at the Projekt 42 in Mönchengladbach. With Gunta Kinte I had chosen a mix of Electronic/House, Big Beat, Rare Groove/Evergreens, Funk, Disco und Nu Jazz.

Together with Gunta Kinte I played at different aftershow-partys at the Schauspielhaus in Cologne. We played at the premieres of “Benefiz”, “Andorra”, “Familie Schroffenstein”, the premiere of the summerspecial in 2004 “African Footprints”, “Jesus von Texas”, “Orpheus steigt herab” and “Biedermann und die Brandstifter”. At the “Projekt 42” we were featured at two “Friday Night Partys” and the second anniversary of the “Clubwork Orange Party”. In 2005 Gunta Kinte and I joined forces and performed some more gigs together as the “Rescue Remedies”. For example at the “Fresh-Meat Party” (Univerisity-Opening) in Siegen or at the “Electronic Beats & Breaks meet African Drums” at the Filmhaus in Cologne.

Since the night at the Filmhaus (24.6.2005) I regularly work together with live-artists. At that night we played with a group of african drummers (Djapo), a solo-percussionist and a Didgeridoo-player (AC Akut). We had prepared the night and played a showcase including interaction between DJ-action and live-drumsound. Later all artists, that had played at the night at the Filmhaus, organised an open air party in Cologne together and we were joined by some fire-dancers.

In January 2006 I played a second time on the mainfloor at Bassblüten (P42, MG). Part of what I played there was my own special dubplate-mix and the rest of the time I had prepared with AC Akut (Didgeridoo).

Since 2006 I’m a member of the Thermos-HiFi Soundsystem, which is based in Neuss. In cooperation with Sir Ermis I organised, from September 2006 on, the three sessions of “Massive Mashup” at the MTC/Cologne. This collaboration continues 2008 at the “Mighty Jungle” sessions at the “purple club”.